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My first short film was shot as an experiment using poetry and movement, on 2 rolls of super 16mm. I loved it, and it fueled a passion for telling stories through moving image that led a few years later, to the set up of 23 Films. My attitude towards filming? For me it is always a collaborative process, and about herding cats! It’s about each person expert in their own skillset, pulling together to make a story whatever length, come to life, which is where as Director, I come in.  Someone has to take charge of herding all the fabulous, different, talented, cool creative cats! I love movement, and thanks to a back ground in dance in my teens, I’m very happy with choreography, action and suspense. As a writer, I create strong, original stories, with universal, humanist, ecological and spiritual themes. I have always written genre splices of thrillers, action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, romance and the supernatural, with exciting worlds. I write strong female characters because I’m a strong woman, but I match them with great male characters, because even though I strongly support a far bigger female representation in the film/TV industry, I believe in balance. We’re all needed to save this beautiful planet. I’m excited by a global film market, and the re-emergence of a British film industry, which we have not seem for decades, thanks to technology, which is brilliant.

I direct drama/narratives, of all lengths, budgets and formats. Features, shorts, TV, streaming, web projects and promos. I’m happy working on many formats, and whatever the camera, I love the challenge of tailoring each project to its own dramatic and budget needs. My first feature, GRACIE, has been released and well received. It was a micro budget film shot on super 16mm, using mainly available light. It’s been a long journey and then some, (and then some, I’ve been told I should write a book) but totally worth it! Right now as we come out of the pandemic, I’m packaging my second feature, DAY SIX. I’ve made several shorts, and have a few other projects in development, attached as writer or director, or both.

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contact Jane at – janecreates@23-films.com