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I work as a screenwriter, draft writer and ‘polish and proofer,’ which works well for writers whose second language is English. I also write reports, coach and consult on screenplays. Whatever stage you are at, whatever length your project, I can help. I’ve taught for a few years, and took editing as part of my Master’s Degree. I have always loved to share knowledge and I also troubleshoot drafts in development with production companies. I offer a range of services. Below is a list, but please contact me with any queries or if you have something in mind. I regularly run specials, as I know how necessary, but how tough it is for writers in a world where accurate feedback is sometimes scarce! (Also check my 23 Films page on FACEBOOK for details).

  1. Professional, classic, industry report for feature film screenplays. Short synopsis, evaluation and development notes. 4/5 pages. £95.00 for screenplays up to 120 pages. Add on £1.00 for every page thereafter.
  2. Short film screenplay. Concept evaluation and development notes. 1-2 pages. £20.00 for anything up to 15 pages. Add on £1 for every extra page after.
  3. Screenplay report for streamer/TV half hour, or a long short film. Log line, evaluation and development notes. 2-3 pages. £35.00 for anything from 30 pages to 45 pages.
  4. 1 hour format for TV or short feature: £55.00 for 45 to 65 pages.

One on one, face to face coaching:

For features I charge £150 per initial full hour, via internet or, £200 in person, inclusive of project assessment and written feedback notes for that project. Further development/coaching slots are £70 for the same project, or at my discretion. I also accept half hour consultation slots for short projects, at £45.00, but only via internet. I am sometimes able to negotiate rates, so always ask.

For draft writing, ghost writing, polish/proof reading, trouble shooting, whatever-you-need,  I quote per job. Please email, happy to tailor to suit.

‘Had the immense pleasure of working with Jane as a script editor on a feature script. She’s absolutely everything I wanted in a script editor. Dedicated, thorough, constructive. It was so important for me to work with someone who could identify areas to improve and also help inspire ideas to progress. She has a great way about her. Honest delivery of information, fun and free thinking in discussion of new ideas. She helped bring my script to the next level. I’d work with her again any time!’ 

Becky Burns, Screenwriter.