Megans game speck poster_LRez6Adapted from ‘Megan’s Game’ by Tony Drury, Jane is attached as director and screenwriter.  

Strong willed widow Megan, lost her soldier husband, to the Iraq conflict. She believes she will never find or trust love again. Bitterly divorced, city high flier David, is in the middle of the biggest, most ruthless deal of his life,  but when the pair meet at a week end tennis match, sparks unexpectedly fly. Against all odds, Megan’s defenses start to melt, but when David’s charged with the murder of his arch rival, the evidence is irrefutable, and strikes deeply, not only into the sordid underbelly of city finance and abuse, but into the heart of David’s own dark past. Megan, however, believes he’s innocent. But will her love for a man she’s only just begun to trust, be enough?

‘Megan’s Game’, is currently development  PACK available or request.     

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