Completed features: ‘GRACIE’ and ‘MY GUARDIAN ANGEL’

the only way to save your own life, is to save anothers’

GRACIE_2018_ONE-SHEET_72_DPI2am. 28 year old, despairing Gracie walks onto Waterloo bridge, to jump into the river, but when 17 year old Ellie runs onto the bridge, begging for her help, desperate to escape those chasing her, Gracie is jolted out of her misery, and decides to help her.

As they disappear into the back streets, Gracie thinks they’ve escaped, but the men after Ellie don’t give up. But then, neither does another Man who appears, and who now covertly shadows their every move.

‘Gracie’ is a noir-esque, urban, modern fantasy, set over one surreal, disjointed night, which if the two girls survive, will completely change their lives forever. Shot on super 16mm film, and set against the dramatic skylines of Waterloo Bridge and Embankment, and in an old, cargo boat by Battersea Power Station, Gracie sets a gothic, retro mood, and the flashbacks that tell the Girl’s stories are vivid and dreamlike.

At its heart, ‘Gracie’ is about how, even in our modern, sometimes brutal world, faith and love still triumph over fear and violence… in the strangest of ways.

‘Gracie’, was made for a zero budget, and is my feature length debut.

‘Gracie’ was made with the help of very talented people without whose help and faith it never would have got done. Gracie is a testament to those who dream, and reach for the stars, but who here on earth stayed the course! RELEASED on AMAZON PRIME in various territories. Poster:

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The lovely Taz Yildirimlar – who played such a big part in Gracie, and is my associate exec producer,  is also a brilliantly talented film maker and director in his own right, and below is his feature, ‘My Guardian Angel’  –


mv5botm4mtqynzu5ml5bml5banbnxkftztgwnzm1nzk5nje__v1_sy1000_cr006661000_al_I  was commissioned in Summer 2014 to help with Taz’s supernatural thriller project, ‘My Guardian Angel’ which was released in spring 2016. It is a taut ghost story, with themes of abuse and autism. It found a sales agent and was released in Summer 2016. It has also been serialised for TV.  TEASER:

Sometimes what we fear is the only thing that will save us….

When Hannah’s parents took her to a new school, they said it was to give her a new start. However, Hannah is 11, mildly autistic, and due to her condition, unable to speak. She had a twin called Angel, but when she died, Hannah was forbidden to grieve by her abusive parents and punished when she sought comfort from her sister’s things. So now Hannah lives locked inside a silent life of despair, which she fears will soon end at the hands of her parents. However, a knife keeps appearing under her pillow, and a voice that she thinks is inside her head, won’t leave her alone. Slowly, Hannah begins to realize that she may have an ally not of this world, but fear paralyzes her. Could it be Angel, coming from the ‘other side’, who has come to seek justice for all the abuse she’s suffered? And can Hannah overcome her fear, enough to let her in?